Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Going out with Jesus


Heb. 11:8  8 By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went.

The Holy Bible : King James Version.

Have you ever had your mind on something or been deep in thought and you move on what I call "auto pilot”? At some point, you look up and say "How did I get here"? I have. I do some of my best thinking that way. In the military we were taught to what is called "Conditional response". You are taught to respond to a set of outside stimuli, such as someone shouting the word "Down". To this day when heard, I hit the deck! It is the difference between being taught something and the realization that you know it.

Similarly, faith for a Christian needs to become a conditioned response. When Troubles come our way, go to prayer. Seek the Fathers guidance, and then act accordingly. When there is a decision to be made, seek Guidance from above. That way we stay in Gods will for our lives. Abraham was a Man of Faith, One of the "Heroes of Faith" in Hebrews chapter 11. Abraham was called to "Go out" or step out in faith to a command of God. His lifestyle was one of total faith in God. He was conditioned to respond to a call by God and he responded with faithful actions. Often God will place a burden on our hearts to do an action or perform an act of Christian service or ministry. God never tells us the destination or what he is going to do. He simply reveals himself to us, his nature of trustworthiness. It is ours to "Go out" or step out in faith. God will always give enough light to take the next step in the journey with him. Our Faithful response is a physical response that reflects our inner conviction. It demonstrates to the world WHOSE we are and what we know to be the truth. No Christian should act on "I think" only "I know". Only when God reveled the Holy Spirit in Acts were the Apostles ready to GO Out "Into all the world and preach the Gospel".

When ever we act in faith, we are blessing God back, because when we have conditioned ourselves to respond in faith we are demonstrating the reality that we are loyal followers of Jesus. We are recognizing his Lordship of our lives. A life of Faith is a life of action. Actions done in faith, for no other reason than to bring God Glory and to serve him by serving others. Are You going out with Jesus? Walk from faith to faith, IN Faith. Let us pray:

Lord, you were and are our example of living by faith. Before you acted, you consulted the Father. Help us to do the same, developing a conditioned response to a world gone mad. Reveal your will for us and give enough light to move forward with you. We thank you for you guidance. We thank You for your provision for us, that we can serve you. We ask for your wisdom to hear your voice as Abraham and Go out with you everyday. In Jesus’ name and for his sake, Amen.


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