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    D.NO:- 1-135,
    SOUTH INDIA. PIN CODE:- 534112.
    Face Book:- John Sukumar Pitta
    Mobile:- +919490266287, House Phone:- +918818271099

    Dear in Christ,
    Holy Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    I would like to say hello and let you know about our ministry. I and my wife(John Sukumar and Jyothi ), we have been working since 10 years by sacrificing our lives. We 15 co-workers are doing the work of God together.

    We are working in rural area between poor, NON-CHRISTIAN and Hindus. we organize sun day schools for children, youth Gospel camps, youth meetings, Bible study classes, Gospel preaching camps, women Bibles classes, open-air gospel night meetings and worship.

    Taking Gospel to small villages, tribal areas and towns.
    Preaching Word and distributing Bibles those who had no Bibles.
    Supporting poor village pastors.
    Church planting.
    Distributing food for poor people.
    Helping Orphan children, Widows, Poor and Disables.
    Distributing cloths for poor and needy.
    Distributing toys to attract children to preach the Word of God.
    Conducting Medical camps in slum areas.

    To reach unreached villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    To establish Congregations where there is no Congregation.
    To train and equip the Gods people to share the Gospel.
    To preach the Gospel among the Youth and Children.
    To preach more people and give them Bibles.
    To help more needy people and make them to follow Jesus Christ.

    Bibles to give those who had no Bible to read.
    Feeding for Orphan children, Widows, poor and Disable.
    Cloths to poor and needy.
    Toys to attract children with love.
    Support for pastors and Church planting.

    We have a long desire in lord’s work and doing it in rural area between Hindus, Non Christian and poor people. We are facing many problems financially and by people. We need your prayer and financial support. Please pray for Our Ministry, Ministry needs, Co-workers and me. I invite you to come to Our Ministry to Give witness of God and strengthen our people.

    we are waiting for your reply with prayers.

    yours in Christ,

    (Pastor. john Sukumar. Pitta)